Guest Speakers

-Sydney FSA 2018-

February 14

Gordon Lovegrove Annual Table Show

Bring along your birds and get some expert advice and maybe a tip or two in preparation for the Sydney Royal. We’ll hold a sweepstakes. Can you second guess the judge and take home the winnings? Don't worry if you do not own any show cages, we'll have some spares on hand for you to use.

March 14

Sydney Royal planning. Guest Speaker TBA

A terrific lineup of guest speakers are planned for 2018.

April 11        

Red Strawberry Finch Round Table

The FSA has a recovery program underway for Red Strawberry finches. A few experienced breeders will share their knowledge and answer questions.

May 9

Breeding Crimson Chats—Mark Jolly

Mark, from the Hunter, will explain the husbandry requirments for success with Crimson Chats. He’ll also show images from some of the Save the Gouldian Fund waterhole counts to get you motivated to get along this year, or next. 

June 13

Longtail and Black-throated Research—Dr Simon Griffith

Simon’s laboratory at Macquarie University has been working with Longtail Finches for many years and has recently begun related studies using the Black-throated Finch. Hear all about it at our June meeting.

July 11 

Birds of Hawaii—Ivan Cindric

Hawaii is renowned for its amazing range of introduced established species. Ivan will show images to make you drool plus an explanation of aviculture in Hawaii.

August 8 

Hot Weather is Bad News for Fertility—Lori Hurley

Macquarie University Phd student Lori will outline her research explaining how hot weather is bad news for fertility in finches. She’ll also demonstrate a fascinating technique for sexing finches.

Sep 12

Annual General Meeting - Guest Speaker TBA

Why not put up your hand and join the committee.

Oct 10

Bird Nerd European Vacation - Sam Davis

Germany, Netherlands, Brussels on a bird nerd bus trip - what could go wrong? Then Tenerife to see Loro Parque and Jurong Bird Park on the way home.

Nov 14

Don's Aviary and Birds

Don findlater will descibe his backyard setup where he has specialised in Masked finches and Yellow Rumps for many years The number of finches, Maskeds in particular, that he breeds consistently year after year is a testament to his knowledge. Maybe we will learn some of his secrets?

Dec 9

FSA Open Day and Bird Sale

Contact Jason Holmes for all the details 0402 492 350.

Dec 12

FSA Christmas party

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