Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Red Siskin Initiative

Red Siskin Initiative

The Red Siskin is critically endangered in the wild and this initiative aims to determine the reasons and identify a way forward. This will include captive breeding to enable close observation of the species by researchers. At this stage it is unclear if a release program will be appropriate. The FSA is now involved in this program. The research facility will be built in Venezuela. The architect for this facility will be in Australia early February to consult with Mike Fidler over the STGF facility. Later in February the head keeper responsible for the centre once operational will head to Australia. They are particularly interested to learn how we breed Red Siskins in planted aviaries. This is rarely done in other countries. The head keeper will stay with me for a few days so we can tour around various successful Red Siskin aviaries and likely visit other captive breeding programs, namely Orange Bellied Parrot (PRIAM) and Regent Honeyeater (Taronga).

Read more at  www.redsiskin.org

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