Monday, November 30, 2020

FSA Online Auction Details December 6th 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to run our usual December bird sale at the Prairiewood Hall. Instead the committee has resolved to run an online auction on the same date.

This is the link to the auction site. Finch Society of Australia 2020 Online Auction | 32auctions  All buyers must pre-register before the day and create an account. It is free to setup an account, you just have to include your paypal/bank details so that if you are the winning lot you can pay for them. 

We view this as a great opportunity to trial an online auction as most people are open to trying new technologies. If all goes well then we would look to add an online auction as an annual event, likely earlier in the year.

We intend to recommence our normal first Sunday in December FSA bird sale in 2021.

Auction will be run as follows.

  1. Sellers submit an Auction Entry Form by the Friday evening December 4 th 2020. Auction Entry Form to include a list of birds (lots) the seller would like to enter in the auction. Generally, each lot will be a single pair of birds.
  2. All lots will have an agreed reserve price based on our current 2020 FSA Price Guide – these prices will form part of the Auction Entry Form. We have organised local Sydney specialist bird shops to purchase all lots passed in at the pre-agreed reserve prices. All sellers are guaranteed their birds will sell for the reserve price or above.
  3. Seller must provide details of their Animal Keeper Licence (AKL) for all lots containing native species requiring a licence.
  4. All bird lots will have a premium of $15 added to the final sale price to cover the cost of carry boxes. $10 per carry box is refundable if the carry box is returned in good order.
  5. On Saturday morning Auction coordinators allocate lot numbers to seller’s lots. We anticipate a maximum of 200-300 lots. If more than the number of entries we can accommodate are received then the number of entries for each seller will be capped and/or the number of lots for a particular species will be reduced. Sellers will be informed if some of their lots need to be withdrawn.
  6. Early on the Sunday morning sellers deliver birds to the Prairiewood Hall. All birds will be health and quality checked with the steward’s decision final.
  7. Birds forming each lot are transferred into a show cage where they are photographed (up to 4 photos) and the lot is entered into the computer system. Each lot is then transferred into a carry box marked with the corresponding lot number.
  8. Sellers leave the venue once their birds have been processed. There is no need for sellers to return to the Prairiewood Hall.
  9. The Online Auction commences at 10am. In addition to birds, the auction will also include all sales table products as well as major raffle tickets – these will be at “buy it now” prices.
  10. The Auction begins to conclude at 2pm.
  11. For lots of the same species we will stagger the end times. For example if there are 5 lots ofPainted Finches, then each will end 10 minutes apart to enable losing bidders to bid on subsequent lots.
  12. If a bid on a lot has been received within 3 minutes of the end of the Auction then the end time for that lot extends for a further 3 minutes. This process can continue for up to 30 minutes.
  13. Auction bidding should conclude completely at approximately 3pm.
  14. Buyers pay for their lots and any “buy it now” products online via PayPal which accepts all major credit cards – a PayPal account is not required. As part of the payment process the buyer indicates the pickup location closest to their location from a range of possible locations. A range of locations will be specified including the Prairiewood Hall, Central Coast, Campbelltown, etc.
  15. Volunteers at the Prairiewood Hall sort birds based on buyer and delivery location.
  16. Lots that have not been paid for in full by 4pm will be offered to the next highest bidder or will be passed in. These lots and any other lots passed in will be delivered to local bird shops for sale at the reserve price.
  17. Volunteers transport lots to their final location.
  18. Successful buyers collect their winning lots and “buy it now” items from their preferred location commencing from 5pm through to 9pm depending on location and volunteer travel times.
  19. Buyers purchasing licensed species must provide details of their Animal Keeper Licence (AKL) before birds will be handed over. Failure to provide AKL details will result in forfeit of payment for that lot with funds retained by the FSA.
  20. Sellers will have their funds transferred into their bank accounts during the following week. Transaction, bank and auction fees will be deducted from seller proceeds. To cover hall and other outgoings the FSA will retain 10% of all net proceeds after all fees have been deducted.

Online and in person Auctions run by other finch clubs and other species, such as Budgerigars, have proven popular with most lots exceeding expectations.

Further details, including copies of the Auction Entry Form will be emailed to all members. If you have not been receiving emails from Maddie then advise your email or contact a member with an email so you can obtain a copy of the Auction Entry Form.

If you are available to volunteer on the day then please let Maddie ( know.

We look forward to your support.

The FSA Committee.